Fractal Information


Fractal Creation Programs

Ultrafractal - 'Ultra Fractal is the best tool to create fractal artwork' states the website and many who have used it would agree.

XenoDream - Creates unique 3D fractals, from metallic looking objects to alien-like organic structures.

Fractint Homepage - A versatile freeware fractal generator. This site also contains a whole bunch of useful fractal links.

'Quat' by Dirk Meyer - This is a free download which generates Quaternion fractals. Once you have read the instructions (provided in html form) it is relatively easy to use. Thoroughly recommended.


Fractal Information

Fractalus - Loads of stuff here with particular emphasis on art, the galleries featured here are of a very high standard.

Clifford Pickover - His books have covered many interesting mathematical subjects including fractals, always unusual and unique.

Julian Sprott's Strange Attractors - Source of information on strange attractors. This page also plays fractal music at you. Best switch your sound off.


Other Related Links

The Chaos Hypertextbook - Reasonably heavy maths covering chaos, fractals and non-linear dynamics.

The Earth as Art - Amazing pictures of the earth taken by the Landsat-7 satellite. Many look like natural fractals.